About Us

FIST Blades is a veteran owned and operated small business. Made possible through generous feedback and support from the Field Artillery FIST (Fire Support Team) community. Ry Bruscoe (former 13 Foxtrot) has a long background as a designer and started out making several versions of various FIST Blade designs in 3D computer aided drafting software. He then spent several months getting feedback from hundreds of Active Duty and veteran Forward Observers.

“I realized that there is a special knife for Marines famously known as the Ka-Bar, and the Green Berets have their own knife called the “Yarborough.” Now FIST’ers will have a knife to call their own known as the FIST Blade! This is were the idea for FIST Blades was born.”

We plan on producing several different designs including straight blades as well as some pocket folders. Starting out with the Kukri and Jungle Tonto blades. Thank you for your business and support!